~ Recipients' Awards ~
"Recipients' Awards"

"Recipients' Awards"

~These are recipients of Miss G's Awards. You will find some beautiful, exciting, interesting, and informative sites here. Enjoy the tour~

~Before Leaving, Visit Toni's Treasures Forever and Toni's Recipes.~

~Beautiful Theme Sets~

~"SunShine Ave"~ A cool place to visit.~

~This is a "must" site to see and visit. Exquisite, Well Put Together, and Very Informative.~

~Connect to the Beauty of the Phillipines, be informed of Fascinating Facts, and, The Art Gallery is Magnificant.~

BETTYE'S WORLD~Beautiful site with applets, poems, and much more. Best viewed with IE.~

~Cat Lovers, you will really appreciate this one!~

~This site has been rated 4.0. The Heart & Soul of a Man!~

~Very interesting and informative. Before leaving, please visit The Rail~

~This site is rated 4.0. Comprehensive info and entertainment on Dandie Dinmont Terriers . Gallery of 300 pictures and graphics. Site is well navigational. Can be viewed in English and German.~


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