~Issues of unity between the races, interracial themes, short stories, poetry and opinions. This is a "must see".~

~Dedicated to the mystical island of Siquijor, Philippines.~

~Beautiful artwork including graphic sets, painted stuff, stained glass, and much, much more. A "must see".~

~This site is rated 3.5. A site for male and female survivors of sexual abuse and/or rape, giving support and advice to those on the path to healing and to loved ones of survivors. It include personal stories, poetry, tips, advice on coping day-to-day, and an interactive message forum. Very educational, helpful, and informative.~

~A personal site offering insightful poetry, hotline numbers, music, sourceful links to every need, as well as a special section to help survivors of sexual abuse.~

~Original Poems by Alice Grace... includes NOKIA Ringtones, Text Messages, Trivia, Love Tips & Tricks and much more.~

Welcome to Mrs. Benton's Class
~This site is for parents and students to communicate and brag about all the great things their children do in the classroom at Carver Elementary School in Florence, South Carolina.~

~Personal Gallery of Photo and 3D Art.~

~Welcome to the Oklahoma Survey and Virtual Cemetery website. This site is for Oklahoma Genealogist to help them find the final resting place of their ancestors.~

~This site is about hunting deer and turkey, a tradition shared with family and friends. There are photos of woodland wildlife and for the novice hunter, you will find info and tips on how to plant food plots and where to place deer stands. The main goal is to convey a sense of enjoyment of the outdoors.~

~STOP THE MADNESS! Support with unique understanding.~


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