~Recipients' Awards~4~

~Sandpiper's gallery and her different sections on native American culture and artists, travel, Pow Wows, webdesign and more. There is a little bit of something for everybody.~

BOB, Let's Grow Old Together~A beautiful love story.~

~Come! Step into the wondrous world of Jani. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the many adventures. Best viewed with IE.~

~This is a "must see". Poems for and about the empowerment and uplifting of our wonderful, sacred Nubian Women. Best viewed with IE.~

~This site is rated 3.0 and is a "must see"; very unique design. It offers a little bit of everything and my favorite is the 50's Page. Can be viewed in English or Portuguese and best viewed with IE.~

~Philosophy student sharing his ideas.~

~This site is rated 2.5 and is designed by an OB nurse and childbirth educator who believes that knowledge is the key to a satisfying birth experience.~

TeaBags by Marcelo~A large collection of tea bags from around the world with illustrations.~

~This site is a reflection of thoughts and feelings through poetry and prose. Beautiful indeed and a "must" see.~

~This is an informative cooking website with all kinds of recipes and great ideas for a meal.~

~Family genealogy with sketched family trees as well as histories and photos done within dream catcher family crests.~


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